How to Attract Hummingbirds 🌺

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🌺The beautiful backyard is often pleasantly surprised by the lovely hummingbirds visiting. Although most people think of hummingbirds as feeding grounds, there are many specific feeds and follow-up routes that hummingbirds follow that can determine whether hummingbirds will visit your back garden. These are called traplinings, and thereafter become designated spatial territories for hummingbirds.

🌺To choose plants that intentionally attract hummingbirds, you need to understand what hummingbirds eat and what types of flowers meet these needs.

🌺1.Nectar - Hummingbirds seek out flowers that are rich in nectar, which gives them energy. Nectar is a high-sugar liquid produced by the flowers. Typically a favourite food for birds and insects, they also help pollinate plants along the way. 

🌺2.Color - Although hummingbirds will feed on nectar-rich flowers, crimson flowers are more likely to catch their attention among the many blooms. But this by no means means that you are smart about planting red flowers, you just need to have some red accents to better attract them to come. 

 🌺3.Shape -The shape of the flower also makes a difference, there are 3 kinds of flowers which can be used to attract hummingbirds:

  • Tubular flowers - Hummingbirds have long, pointed beaks that evolved to drink nectar from tubular flowers such as delphiniums, foxgloves, morning glory, sage.
  • Flower clusters, flowers that hummingbirds also like, such as melissa, ageratum, in clusters so they can easily fly from one to the other to gather nectar. In this way, they can easily meet their needs for collecting nectar without having to look for more nectar.
  • Bell shaped flower-The drooping bell-shaped flowers are very friendly to hummingbirds at the height they fly.

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