How to Set sleep Mode

Schedule sleep for the smart bird camera. You canschedule the non-working dates and hours for thesmart camera. During the non-working period,namely the sleep period, motion detection (in-cluding push notifications, recordings, andcamera alarm) will stop working, which will largely save battery life.
Setting sleep mode for your smart camera: Youcan tap the "Camera Setting" icon->tap "MotionDetection" to set Sleep Mode.

1. Manually Entering sleep Mode
  1.1 tap the "Camera Setting" icon->tap "MotionDetection" to set Sleep Mode.
  1.2 Activate sleep mode manually by turning onthe "Sleep" button. The camera will enter sleepmodeimmediately upon activation.

2.Scheduling sleep Time
  2.1 Tap the "Camera Setting" icon, then select"Motion Detection" to enable "Schedule Sleep.
  2.2 Access "Schedule Setting" to specify thesleep period and activation date.
  2.3 Click "Add a sleep plan" and set the "Sleepperiod" and "Activation date". Tap the "Save"button in the upper right corner.
  2.4 The white area represents working hours,while the colorful area indicates sleeping hours.
  2.5. To delete or change scheduled sleep time,navigate to "Camera Setting" ->"Motion Detec-tion" ->"Schedule Setting," tap the colorful areaclick "Delete" or change the schedule then click"Save".

3. Add Schedule sleep TimeTo add scheduled sleep time, click "Add a sleepplan" on the Schedule Setting page and set thetime accordingly.

4.Ending/Removing sleep Mode
  4.1 Manually wake up the camera by tapping"Wake up" on the live window.
  4.2 Delete the scheduled sleep time by navigat-ing to "Camera Setting" ->"Motion Detection" ->"Schedule Setting." Tap the colorful area andclick "Delete."


  • Whether the camera enters sleep mode onschedule, or you enable sleep mode manuallythe camera will be deactivated.Under thiscondition, the live feed will not be accessedand motion detection (including push notifica-tions, recordings, and camera alarms) will stopworking. You can activate the camera by tapping"Wake up" on the live window anytimeIf the camera is manually woken up duringsleep, it will not automatically enter the sleepplan.
  • If the cameras can not get into sleep modenormally, please check if the settings are cor-rect first.If the cameras are hard to wake up by tryingmultiple times, we recommend that you contact us on the app or