Squirrel Proof Metal Bird Seed Feeder - 4 lbs Large Capacity

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All Metal Construction: Our outdoor bird feeder boasts a sturdy all-metal design, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its secure top and bottom make it difficult for animals like squirrels, deer, and raccoons to access the seeds. For added protection, consider placing it out of squirrels' reach or adding a baffle (not included).
Generous Seed Capacity: This bird feeder has an extra-large 4 lb seed capacity, accommodating various bird-attracting seeds, including black sunflower, safflower, and mixed seeds. Attract a diverse range of birds, such as cardinals, tits, house finches, bluebirds, warblers, and more!
Easy Installation and Maintenance: Assemble the lighthouse bird feeder effortlessly using the provided instructions. Its removable bottom simplifies cleaning; just use a brush to remove residue, and it will look brand new. Ensure it's completely dry before refilling with seeds.
Unique Artwork Design: This metal bird feeder features a distinctive lighthouse design that stands out in your yard, making it a decorative piece for all seasons. Additionally, the top and tray have drainage holes to prevent water buildup, ensuring dry food for the birds.
360° Panoramic Feeding: With two perches and a spacious tray, our bird feeder offers a comprehensive dining area for multiple birds. While more suitable for small birds due to its limited chassis size, the unique design and ventilation system keep bird food fresh and appealing to a variety of wild birds.

Color: Blue&Red